About Char

Hi there.  Welcome to Cooking with Char

Here in my kitchen, we’ll have a chance to explore some interesting and fun info on my very most favorite subject – FOOD! It’s what I think about and talk about, a lot. I’m famous for talking about the next several meals while eating the current one. So there will be some food trivia, interesting background on where some recipes came from and how and why they changed over time, some short cuts to save you time (and maybe some money, too). I’ll tell you about some of my favorite kitchen tools and products and how I use them.

First introduce myself.  My friends call me “Chef Char” and even gave me a chef’s ‘toque’ with that embroidered on it! I guess it was because they like my cooking as they are always angling for an invitation for dinner…or for the recipe for something I made for the most recent pot luck! I’m single and yes, I DO cook for myself and always have!

I’m fascinated by foods of many countries and ethnicities…how my version of meatloaf (and almost everything else) was different from yours…why sometimes a recipe works and other times it doesn’t…why the result of your recipe is different when I make it than when you do…these and a gazillion other questions…led me from a career that was work to one that is fun, sometimes financially satisfying and where you can always eat your mistakes!

I’m also a collector – OK, a pack rat! Cookbooks are everywhere; on the bookshelf, the coffee table, the chair I’m sitting on, under the bed, even found one under the mattress once! Loose recipes, recipe file cards, sticky notes of ingredients with no matching what to do with them…and notes of instructions without quantities, are all over the place. And then came (trumpet sounds, please) the World Wide Web!

So when I decided to do this blog, it was my chance to tell you some of the interesting things I’ve discovered over the years…some you may know…others may be new.  I’ll answer your questions and together, we’ll have some fun.

That’s about it for now. I’m glad you’re here in my kitchen.


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