A Thanksgiving Wish….


…..from Cooking With Char to All of You!

We have something extra to be thankful for this year: another year of fun researching new foods and ways to prepare them; new information on nutrition and food issues that come and go; new stories for me to tell (and old ones, too)! But most of all, to all of you who have been loyal since this blog first started in August 2012 and to those who have joined in along the way.

Thank you – from the bottom of my heart! Thank you to my sister, for all the techie stuff she does to make this blog work and contributing ideas and recipes. She is a blessing!

So a momentary stop from cooking to say THANK YOU ALL, give you a big hug, and wish you the perfect turkey, ham or Cornish hen, enough for leftovers but not so much that you get tired of eating them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll give you some ideas on those leftovers afterwards! (And may YOUR team, and MINE, win!)


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