Witches Broomsticks

Easy-Witchs-Broomstick-Snacks lge

Good witch or bad witch, it doesn’t matter! They all need to fly around to perform their magic and I just have to help them along!

So if you want something easy and cute for your Halloween Party, or just for the dinner table on Halloween, this is just the thing. (I asked a few witches I know and they agreed!)

So these can be prepped up to adding the pretzels and tying bundles early; don’t assemble them more than about 2 hours early or the pretzels will get soggy and the witch may fall off!

Witch’s Broomsticks

  • 4 white string cheese sticks
  • 4 yellow (or orange) cheese sticks
  • 24 pretzel sticks
  • Chives

Cut each of the cheese sticks in 3 equal sized pieces. Keep each color separate for the moment. Make even slits about half way up from the bottom of each of the 24 sticks (for broom straws). Make 8 sets of 3 brooms, with 2 of 1 color and 1 of the other. Hold the bundle together and insert a pretzel stick in the middle.

Tie the bundle together with a chive with the ends toward you, going around several times tying the ends into a bow. (If you find it easier to tie the bundles first, then insert the pretzel that works too.)

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