Pink Peppercorns


Dear Readers:

This is IMPORTANT information for anyone with tree nut allergies (almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc.). It does not concern those with no allergies to nuts or peanuts.

Pink peppercorns have been reported to be linked, genetically, to cashews and thus can be associated with allergies to those with tree nut allergies.

I would urge those of you with this condition to carefully check your ‘mixed peppercorn’ blends and other spice blends to see if pink peppercorns are included. If they have not caused a problem in the past, great! However keep in mind that allergies may occur over time when the body’s sensibility crosses the line from “I can handle this” to “I can’t do this anymore!”

So, if this is – or could be – a problem, I suggest you buy your peppercorns separately and combine them yourself.

——— Cooking with Char


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