Homemade Nutella – The EZ Way


Nutella is the newest go to snack that has everybody gobbling it up. Their newest offering is a jar with both Nutella on one side and cookie sticks on the other…you just dip and eat. That scares me a bit – if you don’t finish all the Nutella, or if you or others dip something else into it (like a marshmallow, or a strawberry, banana, etc.), it could cause cross-contamination and while unlikely, could cause you to get an upset tummy – especially kids, the elderly or anyone with a tummy problem to begin with! SO if you choose to go this route, please be careful!

I am going to give you the easiest method I’ve found (and there are many out there) to make your own, at home. You can package it yourself in little containers (like the ones you put salad dressing in when you take a salad to work) – especially if they are the disposable kind.

I love the stuff, myself. I’ve spread it on toast, matzo, waffles and even used it to fill little filo cups and topped them with whipped cream for a yummy dessert! I called the Nutella Company about baking with it and they said they have no information available. Once the weather gets cool, I’m going to try and see what happens and I will happily let you – and them – know my results.

Meanwhile, make some for snacking – it is healthier than most snacks and can be made a little differently if you want, with almonds or even walnuts! PB, too, for those of you who have nut allergies! Versatile stuff!

Homemade Nutella

  •  1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup hazelnuts (or almonds or walnuts)

Preheat the oven to 350. Roast the nuts on a rimmed baking sheet for 5 – 6 minutes, shaking the pan about half-way through, until fragrant.

If you want to remove the skins , pour the nuts into a large towel immediately after removing from the oven and rub them all over. The skins will mostly come off on the towel – what doesn’t won’t hurt (and you don’t have to do it at all if you don’t want to.) This only works for hazelnuts; you can’t blanch walnuts; raw almonds have to soak for about 3-5 minutes in boiling water, then the skin slips off with your fingers – drain the water first!.

While still warm, place nuts in a food processor and process for about 5 to 10 minutes, scrapping down the sides periodically until the nuts have the consistency of nut butter.

At that point, add the chocolate chips and continue to process until smooth.

NOTE: Because our home processors are not as powerful as the commercial ones, you may find your spread to be slightly grainy. That will not affect its taste or usage. Some brands of chocolate chips get finer than others (just as some will not completely melt either).

There is a more complicated recipe that will give you a smoother spread; if you want that one, let me know.

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