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Kale & Quinoa Salad

Kale is one of the vegetables now getting a lot of play on the ‘foodie’ circuit because of its health benefits and its versatility. You can even find it dried and flavored in many grocery stores on the snack aisle! … Continue reading

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Quick Chick — Piccata, That Is!

Chicken Piccata is another Italian entreé that is easy and quick. You can prep this in advance by pounding the chicken hours ahead, covering and refrigerating until a little before you are ready to start cooking! I know a number of … Continue reading

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It’s Colonel Mustard with the Potato, In the Cheese bin!

This is a DEMAND recipe which our family expects for Thanksgiving every year and requests often in between. I cut it in half for you but it can easily double in a 15″x10″x 2″ (4 quart) baking dish if you … Continue reading

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Eggplant Couscous Stew

Chef Ratatouille crawled into my toque this morning and whispered: “Non, cherie, not ze Rattatouille today. Today we make ze Eggplant Couscous.” I saw the movie….I wasn’t going to argue with him! Today we make Eggplant-Couscous stew…actually, a cousin to … Continue reading

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OMGalliano Chocolate Mousse!

Is there ANYONE who doesn’t like Chocolate Mousse! Maybe a few but….for those who want one that is quick, easy and delicious, this is IT! Everything goes in the blender, you let it whirl, and pour it into serving dishes … Continue reading

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Aha, Mojito — Desert-style

Before strawberries go out, here’s a drink that takes the famous Mojito to an entirely different level. Is easy to make, a little minty and refreshing, perfect to sip on the soon-to-be cooler evenings. You can frost the rims of the … Continue reading

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MNF – My CAPS Runneth Over

Mushroom caps stuffed with so much good stuff, there’s not mushroom for improvement! They are so yummy with a capital YUM! Easy to make for an appetizer for MNF, for any party or to modify for dinner (I tell you  how), … Continue reading

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