Let’s Talk About Brats

Let’s talk about brats.

No, I don’t mean those kids down the block; I’m talking about those sometime spicy, always juicy, bratwurst sausages!

Bratwurst comes from Germany (the word ‘wurst’ means sausage in German) and is traditionally made from pork or veal, sometimes a combination of the 2 meats. In Germany, almost every butcher had his own recipe and ground his own meat and fat combination and added his ‘secret’ spice combination often handed down from generation to generation.

Today we find ‘brats’ cooked in beer, grilled and enjoyed at picnics, BBQs and tail gate parties. They can be sliced up and fried and served for breakfast with eggs and hash browns…in fact, anything you would do with a hot dog you can do with a brat! Try my Caramelized Onions (previous post) on your next brats….no, NOT the kids down the block!

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